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StockSubmitter is

StockSubmitter has been actively presented to the microstock community for many years already. You can read user opinions or discuss the program yourself on one of the following well-known microstock resources:


The program has been actively developed and supported since the outset of the project and still is today. You can contact developers regarding any questions:

Skype: niak_ris, landofrain


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  • Fast and reliable FTP uploader
  • Special file manager for photobanks. Good instrument for filling and saving metadata.

As well as

Unique technology, allowing you to save lots of time when publishing your works on multiple sites. The program automatically fills all the forms and fields that you would have to fill in manually otherwise. It also prepares all the required formats for the files handling all the agencies' requirements.

The program currently supports uploading to more than 20 agencies and submitting to more than 15 agencies. More than 9 million files have been submitted using the program. The program is used by novice and professional microstock contributors as well as by professional studios working in a team. More than 5,000 files are submitted every day using StockSubmitter.

StockSubmitter saves all the titles, descriptions, keywords, categories, and model releases for your files. But the main advantage of the StockSubmitter is the possibility to not only upload files to the agencies but also submit them directly to inspectors without filling out all the forms and checkboxes.

We recommend you

to watch the following video in order to learn how to use the software: